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Ben Loyal from Lochan Hakel, Sutherland.

Ben Loyal from Lochan Hakel, Sutherland.
Now where do I start....Had a few days booked away up in Caithness/Sutherland and initially was supposed to be going in a campervan but 3 days before I was due to go the campervan company go bust ! Great ! so not to be totally disappointed I still decided to go on my break but rather than have the campervan I would stay in a caravan.

So I drove nearly 300 miles to get to my caravan and destination and initially it was looking quite good weather wise but the story of the weekend was fast moving clouds accompanied with HEAVY showers, so after stumbling my way down on to the loch through some squelchy bog the weather had closed in on me and I had to take this shot standing under my umbrella, so not the shot I was hoping for but still quite liked the mood of it.

Now this is where it went wrong ...on returning back to my car I opened my boot and put my keys on the ledge while I took my wellies off and then shut my boot.....doh ! My car was locked and my keys were inside the boot ! Arrrrrgh ! Long story short I had to wait atleast 30 mins in the cold and darkness until a car drove past who kindly then took me to the nearest village about 5 miles away so I could phone my recovery as I could not get a phone signal out by the loch either , So after 2 hours of trying to get into the car the last option was to smash my side window :-( ,So I had to drive about for the next two days with a patched out window and car covered in glass ! A night I will want to forget !


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